A new page for some 'old' players

A nice and easy page to celebrate the birthdays of our players, some of whom were born before cameras were invented (real ones not digital ones).


4th October      Bryan Kilsby     53 years young

9th October    John Price    62 years young

11th October     Terry Cutting     63 years young

20th October     Eddie Smith     69 years young

22nd October     Steve Gentry     53 years young

Sorry lads, you don't qualify for a cake (yet!)

swift on black.jpg
swift on black.jpg



New Member of the Super Seventies Club....

This birthday 'boy' is Dennis Beere,


70 years young on 21st March,


Happy Birthday Den!












and . . . Still 16 but with 64 years experience.....






14th March

Who else would start playing football again at the age of 76, break their hip at the age of 78, and still be playing at 80?




Happy birthday from your clubmates who wish you many, many more