Swifts Inaugural AGM

Friday 13th October saw the first ever AGM of Walton Swifts WFC, held at the Bathhouse (needless to say, a pub) starting at 7.30pm. A fine turnout of 15 members were seated and ready to start at the allotted kick-off time (except for one late-comer).

Those in attendance were (in no particular order):

Steve Chalmers, Bryan Kilsby, Steve Gentry, Paul Cooper, Terry Cutting, William Boyd, John Kilby, Eddie Smith, Arthur Mitchell, Dennis Beere, Tony Wady, George McCann, Chris Knighton, John Lake and Albert Wiles.

The meeting started with John Kilby taking the chair (as founder) accompanied by Chris Knighton. Following the agenda (a copy of which was distributed to all present), John started by welcoming all and giving a brief history of the Swifts to date, culminating in prsentation of the balance sheet for the period 12/3/16 to 8/10/17 (a copy of which was distributed to all along with the agenda). Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Paul Cooper, seconded by Tony Wady and voted to be accepted by all present.

The second part of the agenda dealt with the Club going forward. After some discussion relating to the organisation of the Club and the need for treasurer, secretary, chairperson etc, it was proposed by Eddie Smith, seconded by Paul Cooper and unanimously voted that the organisation stays as it is at present. It was also discussed as to the requirement to join the FA, the WFA, either of the three leagues presently in their infancy, or stay as we are, playing Wednesday nights with either a friendly or tournament once a month (on average). By agreement the latter was the unanimous choice. It was also agreed that all information/communication (both internally and externally) relevant to the organisation of the Club, friendlies and tournaments be on one source only, that being the Club website, and the facebook site(s) are only to be used as inter player chatrooms. This will alleviate most of the misinformation that players have been experiencing.

Chris took the chair for the next item, that being the condition/future of our present playing surface. He reported, very positively, that discussions with Tendring District Council were moving forward apace and following further discussions envisage a meeting taking place to further our position. TDC are already moving forward with plans to regenerate the Bathhouse Meadows including the Skate and Ball Games areas, so we are hitting them at the right time. This won't happen next week or next month, but lets keep our fingers crossed for next year - keep up the good work Chris.

It was noted that some players were absent due to their 'treatment' regarding the recent refreshments price increases. This was discussed at length and agreed with the landlord that a method of reducing the costs was proposed and accepted.

The last item before the close of the meeting at 9.30pm, was the presentation of a trophy to Dennis Beere who has played in more friendlies/tournaments than anyone else since we started records - well done Den!

There was also a little trophy for a little blue card - mention no names.