'European' Squad

Those available are:

Will Boyd

Eddie Smith

John Kilby

Paul Cooper

Arthur Mitchell

Albert Wiles

George McCann

Good luck lads, watch out for dodgy ferry drivers and 50p bars (and we're not talking chocolate)


When is a run not a run?

STOP RUNNING!An article Courtesy of WalkingFootballUnited website    

The Barclays advert (that in fairness has done more for WF than any other single factor) does not really demonstrate walking football - the new, active sport for older men. In the ad the referee only blows the whistle the once to proclaim "running!." There should have been a constant piercing shrill of the whistle heard throughout every frame of action.

Listen - no-one is more happier than us at WalkingFootballUnited seeing 50+ year old footballers finding new exercise, new health and a rekindling of a former passion, but if horse racing was done at walking pace it wouldn't really constitute a race. What would be the point of calling it such?

How can the game be promoted as "Walking Football" when most of the participants are not relating to the pre-requisite and fundamental principle of the game? Where is the discipline, the composure? Has this new found recreational pursuit become so exciting and invigourating that it has dulled the brain?

Like energetic, boundless kids, these golden oldies are seen moving as quickly as they can get away with it (or as quick as they can actually muster), with not an iota of self reproach about sprinting several yards to the ball, and forward at pace with it. No-one picks anyone up on it, and before you know it, everyone's at it. Merrily extoling their skills at 55 year old break neck speed.

The group as a whole need to (at least play back the recorded footage and view it objectively) address the issue, monitor and self regulate. A referee should be officiating games - perhaps with the one distinct directive: 'No Running.'

That or drop the "Walking" aspect and call it 50+ Football - allowing the participants all the speed they can generate.

There is a team of 50+ WFers in Staffordshire, who formed to play walking football. They found a new spring to their steps, remembered how to run and put it into practise. They now play regular(ish) football and have happily dropped the walking bit. And very good luck to them. They were so serious about their new found pace that they declined entering the WFU National Tournie. Probably aspirations of League Two football now.


So what constitutes 'running?'

During the course of a physical movement in a stride/gait, when both feet have left the ground.

Or in simpler terms (for the referee's sake) - if it looks like running, it probably is.

Somebody blow the whistle.

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This month's PRIZE QUESTION is:  To win one of our Wonderful Walton Swifts football shirts in Black & White stripes you must tell us which teams also play in the following stripes of other colours:

(1) Claret & Amber - EFL       (2) Yellow & Black - EFL       (3) Purple & White - Ligue 1

(4) Red & Yellow - SPL       (5) Blue & Black - Serie A      (6) Red & Black - EFL

These are first team home strips, no English premier league teams.


Send your answers via the contacts tab on the gallery page - GOOD LUCK.


Every week we play football with each other, laugh, joke, cajole, take the mickey, nutmeg, push and try to beat each other. But all we know is Dave, John, Bill, Chris, Phil, Tony, Jim etc.


Here is a list of your fellow Swifts, put a face to the name.



Chris - Chris Knighton (Walton)

Tony - Tony McCauley (Walton)

Bill - Bill Smith (Frinton)

Tony - Tony Lloyd (Walton)

Bingo - John Lake (Walton)

Phil - Phil Holberton (Frinton)

George - George McCann (Walton)

Gary - Gary Welsh (Walton)

Paul - Paul Cooper (Tendring)

John - John Price (Walton)

Steve - Steve Herring (Clacton)

Paul - Paul Boardman (Clacton)

Bill - Bill Woodhouse (Kirby Le Soken)

Bob - Bob Sparling (Kirby Cross)

Eddie - Edward Smith (Kirby-Le-Soken)

Tony - Tony Longhurst (Thorpe-le-Soken)

Dave - David Warby (Frinton)

Phil - Phil Williams (Walton)

Andy - Andy Hitchcock (Clacton)

Jason - Jason Lott (Clacton)

Gerry - Gerald Hornsby (Walton)

Kelvin - Kelvin Watts (Walton)

Dave - David Porter (Walton)

Steve - Steve Gentry (Walton)

Wadey - Tony Wady (Walton)

Alan - Alan Harmer (Clacton)

Albert - Albert Wiles (Walton)

Steve - Steve Chalmers (Walton)

Ted - Edward Brooks (Walton)

Arthur - Arthur Mitchell (Kirby Cross)

Dave - David Eaton (Frinton)

Bryan - Bryan Chitticks (Kirby Cross)

Rob - Robert Beere (Holland)

Will - William Boyd (Ipswich)

Jerry - Jerry Ross (Spain)

John - John Kilby (Walton)

Olly - Paul Holloway (Walton)

Paul - Paul Foster (Walton)

Kevin - Kevin Harkin (Holland)

Ox - Anthony Robinson (Walton)

Dennis - Dennis Beere (Holland)

John - John Burns (Clacton)

Phil - Phil Oxley (Walton)

Terry - Terry Cutting (Walton)

Bryan - Brian Kilsby (Walton)

Roger - Roger Mansfield (Walton)

Barry - Barry Read (Walton)

Frank - Frank Thorpe (Frinton)

Keith - Keith Gould (Walton)

ORANGE denotes infrequent, or injured, player